John Mag is the type to willingly explore unfamiliar territories due to his insatiable desire to learn, master and innovate. He believes that his creations have to come from a source that did not mimic what had already been shaped; he looks for inspiration within himself.
John spent the first twenty years of his life in Beirut, Lebanon where he underwent a traditional French education with his 3 siblings before venturing off to the western world. He moved to the U.S. and resided on the East Coast for the first 5 years before making his way down to Nashville, TN. 
Leaving everything he knew behind him and solely immersing himself in an entirely new culture had triggered an introspective attitude that allowed him to explore the depths of his psyche and therefore understand and gain control over his person. He realized that he had been a victim of his circumstance and made the decision to become the master instead by recognizing and breaking nuisant patterns that held him back. 
Within him, he found an unlimited source of creativity, strength and wisdom and believes that every human being is as capable as he is. It is his life's purpose to awaken mankind and heal those who ignore their own capacity. He believes that most enslave themselves and that freedom is a state of mind rather than a destination.
John has been on a personal mission to save the world and impact our quality of life in various ways;  he recognized the need behind working small rather than waiting on a big moment. And so he has been making sure to touch every soul crossing his path on this journey of life.
He believes in the need to eradicate the Ego and is working to influence society so that we could live with and for one another; his aim is to lead us out of this ‘survival mode’ state that drives us to be selfish and inconsiderate (fading our sense of empathy and compassion, segregating us and rendering life with loneliness). 

BIOGRAPHY - (424) 744 - 9266
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