what is art without spectators?
does its meaning lie beyond Colors and shapes?
would art exist without creators?
and should it transcend time and space?
What is Art if it could not speak?
would it survive, if its purpose is weak?
What if Art did not Imitate Life?
What if Art was not a result of strife?
what if it can reconcile dissonance?
what if it can return our innocence?
What if Art nurtured our Souls?
and not only complimented our existence..

John Mag was born in Miami, Florida in June of 1993. He is of Lebanese heritage and has spent the first twenty years of his life under Beirut’s multi-cultural umbrella. He underwent a French education with his sister while his two brothers transitioned into English-speaking institutions.

He has always had an insatiable desire to explore and develop hence his sudden relocation to the USA; pushing himself out of his cradle and into a foreign land where he solely learned to build, challenge and master himself.

He chose to continue his Higher Education in Architecture to soon after discover that his passion for using his Artistic Creations to impact the world is far greater.

One would find recurring Themes such as Societal Vices, Breakthroughs, Consciousness, and Reconciliation in John's Canvas work.

It is due to his approach in Creating and Painting his Original work - His inspiration comes from within; urging him to surrender his dexterity in order to satiate unfulfilled desires. He embodies the notion he seeks to communicate and allows his subconscious to translate it into a breathing & outspoken piece of Art.

John Mag balances his creativity with practicality and emphasizes being an explorer on both ends. He has built a practical Professional background spanning across various fields such as Business Development, Life-Coaching, Management and Sales.

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